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Hilti Button for Firestop automates the entire firestop BIM process by identifying penetrations, and recommending listed firestop systems, saving you time and giving you the information you need to get the job done right.

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Automatically detect firestop penetrations in your project

Hilti Button, using customized clash detection, will identify penetrations going through fire rated barriers. Easily view penetrations that need to be firestopped.


Penetrations are matched with the best listed firestop systems, and organized for your review

Hilti Button will recommend products and systems for each penetration based on firestop related attributes in the model, while still giving you the ability to approve or adjust. When you're done, all of the firestop assemblies can be automatically imported as objects into your BIM authoring software.


Easily generate reports, order products, and import specs directly into your BIM software

Hilti Button takes care of submittals, bill of materials, importing product data, and even lets you directly order your firestop products online.

What Hilti Button can do for your project:

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